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Random thoughts on a rainy Sunday morning…

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Random thoughts on a rainy Sunday morning…

I thought I had slept in. I was wrong.

A little over a week ago the hubs went and bought a rug cleaner. Had to have it. HAD to. It’s still sitting in the box in my bedroom. When I complained about it he said “well why don’t you just tell everyone about it in your blog”! Done.

I’m convinced Carolina loses if I even glance at the tv screen. I glanced. Once. Sorry Tarheels. But way to go Virginia! As for you, Grayson Allen, you little pisher, you suck.

I’ve had weird dreams all week. Last night I dreamt that we moved to another house and still had this house. And I came back to check on it and my master bedroom was full of feral cats. THAT would be my nightmare. (I’m allergic)

I had the most amazing brisket nachos at Hillsborough BBQ Company yesterday. One bite in and I couldn’t speak. They were amazing. If you haven’t been there, go. Get the pork nachos or the brisket ones. Tell them I sent you. Then bring me an order to go. (They send them de-constructed on takeout orders which is brilliant)

Ok since I made fun of the hubs and his carpet cleaner, here’s what I bought. New bedding. But…I haven’t put it on the bed yet because I don’t want to mess it up. Like I’m waiting for a special occasion and I don’t know what that will be. I’ll let you know.

We drove past where we used to live a gazillion years ago in Durham. It felt so weird. We brought Taylor home from the hospital there. I remember I had her dressed in pink from head to toe and someone said “oh cute baby, what’d you have”?

I was scrolling through Instagram and my friend posted a picture of her table set for dinner. It was absolutely beautiful. And all I could think of was, no matter how many trips I make to Pier One or World Market, I will NEVER set a table that looks that good. Just flawlessly elegant.

I can’t dress for this weather. I leave the house in a warm sweater and four hours later I’m baking internally. My skin is hot to the touch. I used a bathroom in a store yesterday where the heat was set on 102. I was afraid to lock the door for fear that when I passed out from heat exhaustion no one would be able to get to me.

My dog is so ornery lately. He can’t hear so when he barks it’s extremely loud. He’s spoiled rotten, this I know. And every time I start to fuss at him for something the hubs will say ‘he’s like 92 years old Jackie, leave him alone. Are you going to yell at me like that when I’m 92”? And I said yes. I am.

If you pee on my rug…

The old man.8623625F-330C-463D-9E1E-955D0A428950.jpeg

And there it sits. Cleaning carpet like crazy.222CCC29-53AC-4811-B4FE-20148F793644

The old homestead. Look familiar Annie?9A7459FD-8F94-40E3-B0F4-A799C7C369F9.jpeg

I cry at the drop of a hat these days…

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I cry at the drop of a hat these days…

It’s true. I do. I’m aware that I’m most likely HORMONAL. So don’t go there. But I’m also aware that at this age I seem to have more things to cry about. I also have a gazillion things to be happy about at the same time so there’s the rub.

I cried when I read that a high school classmate of mine died last week. I probably hadn’t seen her since 1979. But that didn’t matter. I could remember her as clear as day. My friend Angela called and that almost made me cry too. We don’t talk often but I love her and it was good to hear her voice. I think our friend Cynthia would have liked that she brought about some reminiscing.

I cried last night when I accidentally picked up a pan that had just came out of a hot oven. Sobbed would be more like it. I cried while my husband went to Walgreens and bought everything they had to treat a burn.

I cried at the doctors office on Monday when ONCE AGAIN, the blood pressure machine got stuck on my arm. It happened the first time a few years back at an urgent care. I left with a horrific bruise. I was actually telling the nurse about my previous blood pressure machine encounter when just like that it started pumping up and didn’t stop. I could barely speak. The nurse looked at me, glanced at the machine, and tiny as he was, he reached over and jerked it off my arm. And then we laughed.  I kind of had to. Y’all know what Truvy says. Laughter through tears.

I cried as I wrote this because my sweet cousin René called and we talked about lots of things. Mainly about how we need to have more time together like we did on Wednesday. Me and her and sista, sitting around sharing our woes and solving each other’s problems. And laughing. Lord do we laugh.

I cried last weekend when we hosted a baby shower for a precious little mama to be because she burst into tears when she walked in the door. It was all the decorations  and the food and the people. There for her. To celebrate her and that little bitty baby in her belly.

There were many more cries I could write about but I won’t keep you. Just know if you’ve been a weepy mess like me of late that you’re not alone. Brenda calls it the winter blues. So maybe with the sun shining more and longer I’ll ease up on the waterworks. Or maybe not.

Have a beautiful Sunday peeps!

And if you feel the urge to have a little cry, well then, have at it! It’ll cleanse your soul.

There’s nothing sad about a little cleansing…







One is the loneliest number…

One is the loneliest number…

We are ill-equipped people.

This is not how we live. Bundled up in our homes. Barely seeing the light of day.

I wore pajamas two days last week. Why? It was too cold to change clothes.

I washed my hair and couldn’t loiter in my towel wrapped head for a good half an hour like I’m used to. Lounging around in my robe. Like the real housewife of Alamance County I like to pretend to be.

I didn’t even break a sweat blow drying my hair.

Once, I almost welcomed a hot flash. ALMOST.

We’ve had soup daily.

I’ve watched my dog sleep for 14 hours straight. All to avoid going out to potty.

And I don’t blame him.

I’m pretty sure he’s been calculating his water intake for days now.

Generally I don’t drink a lot of coffee. Twice last week I had a cup in the middle of the afternoon. Like some grumpy old man who smokes Camels and sits at the end of a bar, hunkered down in a big overcoat, not speaking to anyone.

I don’t own a coat warm enough to ward off this cold. Never have. I’m not a coat person.

I have a pretty coat. But I don’t own Gore-tex.

They say you should layer up. So I did. Tank. Sweater. Coat. Scarf. Then I get in my car. The heat is running wide open. Five minutes down the road if I had scissors I would have cut myself out of that coat.

Instead I’m bending in ways that are abnormal and dangerous to a woman of my age and limited stretching ability, twisting and turning, can no longer see the road, in fact I believe I’m facing the back seat before I finally break free of it.

Ten minutes later we stop. And I have to put it back on.

To all my friends who live in areas with sub zero temps, kudos to you. You’re a hearty stock.

Me? I’m ill-equipped.

25 Reasons to take a (permanent?) Facebook break…

25 Reasons to take a (permanent?) Facebook break…

1. You actually DREAD checking your timeline.

2. You feel judged daily. (That’s because you are.)

3. You share a story that touched your heart and maybe two people read it and comment.

4. You share a political article and 35 comments later you feel like you’re on trial.

5. Those people that NEVER comment or interact. The lurkers. And you think you’ve unfriended them all and BOOM. You missed one.

6. The divisiveness you see in this country starts to show up in your friends. People you’ve known your whole life.

7. Not everyone has the ability to just ‘scroll on past’. And they should. If I can do it so can you.

8. When someone shares a link to a story that’s at least 5 years old. You comment and tell them. (I personally don’t like for my friends to look dumb) And I’m promptly ignored OR they acknowledge and still leave it there. The ‘delete post’ option is your friend.

9. Someone shares a link from a sketchy (at best) page and you know it’s sketchy because you click on said page and are horrified to read the hate. But. They’re like a dog with a bone. “Uh no this is true. I read it.” That’s it? That’s your response?

10. Backhanded compliments. “I love your hair. I wish I could wear mine like that. Bangs cover wrinkles.”

11. Friend requests from people you do not know at all. I’m not talking about the weird guys from other countries. I’m talking about people who lives perhaps in your county and know maybe 7 of your friends. Just what I need. Someone else looking over the fence post into my yard.

12. When we let it ruin a friendship.

13. Keyboard warriors. Those always itching for bitching. Cruising for a bruisin’. They cannot LIVE without confrontation. Excuse my language but I refer to them as the shit stirrers.

14. Those who think it’s ok to tell you when they think you’re being rude or mean or not funny. (I realize this probably falls under judging but some people won’t see themselves there) I think as a grown person I’m pretty sure I know when I’m being rude or mean or not funny. And it’s on me to do something about it. I don’t require anymore comments from the peanut gallery to rectify my perceived bad behavior. We ALL have bad days

15. Facebook can be quite the time thief. I usually try and hop on early, do a quick scroll, I always find and read a friend’s prayer chain. See if there’s any news I missed because I go to bed rather early. I may share something I read or maybe not. And hop back off for the day. If I find myself checking in more often than that I start to get annoyed.

16. When you leave Facebook, you might possibly have time to be more productive and clean your closet out. I’m not sure yet. But it’s a thought.

17. The noise. The noise some days is just too much. If I’m on the struggle bus already the old FB will certainly have me staying on the bus a little longer. And nobody needs to be on that bus people. Nobody.

18. When I see my friends being hurt. Call me a softy but that one I cannot tolerate for a single second. It’s like those people who claim to just love their gay friends and in the next breath they are proclaiming their admiration for someone who is adamantly anti-LGBT. Explain that one to me like I’m a two year old. Because I just don’t get it. (Please don’t use love the sinner, hate the sin. Being who you are is not a sin. And God will take care of everything else because guess what? It’s not your job.)

19. Being added to groups against your will.

20. I only know one way to be. Just me. Warts and all. More often than not Facebook keeps me from being her. See #2.

21. Too much social media keeps you from actual face-to-face human interaction. Which we all need badly. It’s why you don’t argue with someone you love through a text. They can’t hear your tone or intent.

22. Too many commercials or paid ads. I admit to Facebook shopping once. And that was one time too many. (I’m pretty sure the garment came from a barn in Turkey. Not that there’s anything wrong with a barn in Turkey per se, but I don’t think you should be afraid to open a package or feel compelled to bleach a brand new garment because it’s obviously been molested in customs.

23. The ‘share this post if you love ______’. Oh and the person in the blank is WATCHING. If you don’t share sumpin’ bad is gonna happen y’all.

24. Game request. Yes, I still get them. No, I’ve never played. I play gin vigorously on a game site. I don’t have to ask people to send me lifelines or any kind of request to do so.

25. You find yourself saying way too often to your spouse or friend, ‘Facebook is making me nuts’. To which my spouse replies “I don’t know why you do that spacebook thing. All it does is irritate you!” And to which I will often reply “well so do you but you don’t see me quitting you!”

Please enjoy this blog post with the humor in which it’s written. And yes I’m aware it wasn’t ALL humor. I had to make a few points that truly mattered to me.

Have a lovely Sunday my friends!

Gloom, despair and agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery…

Gloom, despair and agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery…

How’s that for a blog title? Now if you’re as old as I am and you were raised up right you’d know that’s from a skit on Hee Haw. But it sums up my week as well. Except for yesterday.

We celebrated the daughter-in-law turning &$@?! years old with some football and AMAZING BBQ. Ribs. Homemade Mac ‘n cheese. Baked beans. Corn pudding. Chocolate cheesecake and coconut pie. The best part? I didn’t have to cook a thing!

After dinner Mady settled into my bed with a little faux fur throw over her legs and her Poppys iPad and relaxed like the little princess she is. Emme, the wild child, who loves ‘ice keem’ more than life itself, was everywhere. That child has the best laugh. It comes straight from the gut and it’s loud and it makes me laugh when I hear it. Her happiness is contagious.

It was a great Saturday evening. Today will be a little quieter. We have such a busy week coming up I’m trying my best not to stress about it. The hubs has lots of out of state and out of the country visitors flying in. He’s been busier than a one armed paper hanger.

I have the joy of heading back to Duke for a little procedure. Several people have inquired about my health and I’m so sorry if I’ve seemed evasive. I loathe that. But I really just crawled in a hole there for a couple of days. I’ve had thyroid issues for quite some time. And having finally gotten in to see a new endocrinologist things are getting worked out.

Not too surprisingly I have some areas of concern. Now I need a biopsy to make sure whatever is floating around in there is not too evil. I mean it could just be me. Y’all know I can be just as mean as a snake! So I’ll let the good doctor stick a needle in my neck and we will see what’s lurking. I’ll keep you posted.

Come Thursday morning about nine a.m. if you throw my name in a prayer I won’t mind at all. I’m a huge fan of good mojo and positive vibes. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been sorely lacking in the ‘positivity’ department. I’ll get it together though just give me a minute.

Let’s be real people, we’ve seen some stuff lately. Friends and family losing loved ones and dealing with illness. The older we all get, and some not even so old, it’s becoming more and more frequent.

Getting old is not for sissies.

(Debbie, I know that’s not how Harry puts it but we’re in mixed company here!)

I do hope you all have the most glorious of Sunday’s. And to my friends in Florida and Georgia who are dealing with lack of power from wretched old Irma, may your days be brighter (literally) soon!


Bruiser will now illustrate how I spent most of last week…


PS. That really is how he is sleeping at exactly this second as I write this. Are you ever jealous of your dogs ability to sleep for days? Yeah, me too.

Hurricane Brenda…

Hurricane Brenda…

All storms should be named after people known to wreck havoc.

I’m. Just. Saying.

So Brenda killed another car. I don’t know how she killed it. But dead it is. The repair it required cost more than the car was worth. And even though she wanted to repair it anyway we managed to talk her out of it.

I’m not even sure why she wanted to keep it. I picked it out and bought it a little over two years ago. And she has done NOTHING but complain the entire time. She once told me the air conditioning didn’t work and she didn’t have it turned on. The bottom line is, she never trusted the car because my husband did not choose it for her.

We gave the car to someone who could possibly fix it in time and needed transportation. And yesterday I called up Brenda and said “get dressed we’re going car shopping”. To which she replied, “why do I have to go?” I made her go even though she SAYS she wants no say so in the entire process.

Because here’s the truth. She really does have an opinion. And if she didn’t go I would be hearing that opinion until the end of time. She didn’t exactly love what the hubs picked out for her and quite frankly I didn’t care. It was a nice used car. In her price range. For a woman who drives no further than the library downtown, it was MORE than fine.

Brenda was ornery from the second we picked her up until we took her back home. Her allergies are bothering her. She’s old and moody. She’s a mess. She’s Irma.

Anyhootinanny, the car is purchased. I hope this will cut down the ‘whine’ level or I will increase my ‘wine’ intake. Which currently is zero but I’m more than willing to take up drinking if need be. One does what one must to deal with the storm.

Now, one last thought. WHERE IS FALL? Who took it? Last Sunday I was sitting on the porch at the beach enjoying the sunshine. Today I am wrapped in a sweater drinking coffee!

Remember fall? It’s BRISK. Not shiver me timbers cold! It’s cool. It wears sunglasses and scarves. It’s not bulky like winter. It’s the occasional flip flop and cardigan combo. It’s layers of good cotton. Not WOOL.

Ok enough complaining. To my friends in Florida, and anyone in the path of the wretched Irma, please know we are all praying for you to be safe.

Have a lovely Sunday!





Inlaws and outlaws…

Inlaws and outlaws…


As I sit here on the porch this morning, feeling this cool ocean breeze, I am abundantly blessed and grateful. Not just for the scenery around me. But the people with me. My brothers-in-law, my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law. AKA French Zoila.

French Zoila rarely has all her boys together. But this weekend she does. She’s made them breakfast every morning. You’ve never seen such happy grown men. I’ve laughed so much and ate so much I can’t tell if the stomach pain is from the food or the laughing.

This has been one of those rare occasions that shouldn’t be rare at all. We’ve celebrated an anniversary. A birthday. And an upcoming anniversary. We realize that we need to do this much more often. I love hearing their stories from their childhood and wild young boy days. And trust me, they love telling ’em.

I’ve seen smiles on my mother-in-laws face that were just priceless. She’s even offered to whoop one or two of them. And I enjoyed that as well.

Last night we stayed on the porch late after dinner. There was a band playing at the dive around the corner. The Trailer Bar. It’s famous ya know. It was in Our State magazine last month. The band was giving us everything from Rod Stewart to Willie & Waylon to Johnny Cash to Travis Tritt.

We all took golf cart rides down by the canal. Everyone throws their hand up at ya. Music is playing here and there. Beer cans are being opened. Grills are smoking. You just have to breathe it all in and smile.

Life is good.

And life is short.

So we’re going to continue the business of enjoying every teeny, tiny second.  Loving those people we love. And letting them know it. Sharing a meal. And a lot of laughs.

Happy Sunday peeps!









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